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In’Sight is rhaqim’s first self-published literary work. rhaqim channels divine intelligence (insight) and his writings pertaining to such is a conceptual delineation for what many religious devotees under the Christian and Muslim faiths refer to as “The Most High” being entrapped by Its own creation of All that Is, hence the phrase “A Genie in a Bottle” that rhaqim uses as a pseudonym.

This small manuscript is a collection of some of rhaqim’s most mystical poems, inquiries, and treatises on the nature of the imaginary ‘self’, existence, mind, and so on. This work is available in limited physical copies; there are only 7 books left, a total of 41 copies have only been made. We now have In’Sight available as a PDF file below as well. So, if you have a mental sweet-tooth for witty quotes, deep contemplation, self-introspection and development, and other esoteric topics in general then purchase a copy today before it’s too late! Because once all copies have been sold they will be gone forever.

Paperback: $40.00



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Buy the eBook on Amazon Kindle: $9.99

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*If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you are guaranteed a full refund within the first 7 days; afterwards the product is nonrefundable*

Contact: for assistance

2 thoughts on “In’Sight

  1. Not meant for the simple minded. Profound wisdom and knowledge shared in this small but powerful work of art.

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