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Ending Ipseity: Exploring into the Mystery of You

Includes Induction & Discipline Number 1: The Fiction Called ‘I

Exploring into the Mystery of You (Audio Program)

This is the audio program version of Ending Ipseity, narrated by rhaqim himself. This package comes with audio programs 1 (14mins) and 2 (38mins) of the Exploring into the Mystery of You series (the rest will be available this Fall) in MP3 format. With 52 minutes of listening time in total, you will enjoy the reading of Ending Ipseity by the author himself, accompanied with his ultra in’sightful commentary on the various passages in the Induction and Discipline Number 1 chapters, breaking down the book in greater detail to ensure that the listener gains instantaneous and direct actionable clarity on the nature of one”self” or ego (ipseity) as you sit and listen, drive on the road, sit in the park, fall asleep, or whatever other daily task that you enjoy doing.