School of In’Sight: Facebook Community


Peace and guidance viewer, we are proud to announce that School of In’Sight has found its appropriate platform to act as an actual school/community for like-minded transcendental souls that are on a true spiritual journey. The Facebook group is growing rather nicely, and there we will continue dropping gemz and delivering profound and concise content.

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Return of the Divine Masculine

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It’s 2018! This year is the portal for the return of the Divine Masculine energy. 2012 was the portal for the return of the Divine Feminine energy, which is creative and chaotic in nature. This explains why in 2012 we began to see a huge shift in human consciousness. A lot more men (especially men of color) were becoming more effeminized that year, examples include rappers beginning to wear dresses and skirts publicly, with addition to other kinds of sexes (homosexuals, transexuals, etc.) coming out of the darkness of society, various people with unorthodox sexuality were all coming to the forefront.

Now, in 2018… this Divine Masculine energy is here and will bring balance. The Divine Masculine is needed to keep the Divine Feminine in order, it’s all a play of energy, on every single level of existence, both in the world and within ourselves. This is why many of us have more drive and will to do and accomplish our goals, such energy is masculine, the “go get it” attitude is here and the universe is open to all our truest desires and ambitions.

Don’t miss out on this energy, it’s here for a reason!