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Your “spirit” is nothing more than the infinite essence that permeates all existence, whilst temporally occupying the brain-body space.

In actuality, the physical body is our soul. Granted that the body is truly immortal, whereas the “dweller” within it is ephemeral. When you “die” the body will corrode into the earth, and this corrosion is merely a transmutation from a single “body” into many.  The body decomposes and from its decomposition comes a myriad of life-forms, other organic matter and minerals which are born from the earth. This makes the body immortal, for it has no real beginning, thus it has no end.

Life is eternal transformation.

Return of the Divine Masculine

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It’s 2018! This year is the portal for the return of the Divine Masculine energy. 2012 was the portal for the return of the Divine Feminine energy, which is creative and chaotic in nature. This explains why in 2012 we began to see a huge shift in human consciousness. A lot more men (especially men of color) were becoming more effeminized that year, examples include rappers beginning to wear dresses and skirts publicly, with addition to other kinds of sexes (homosexuals, transexuals, etc.) coming out of the darkness of society, various people with unorthodox sexuality were all coming to the forefront.

Now, in 2018… this Divine Masculine energy is here and will bring balance. The Divine Masculine is needed to keep the Divine Feminine in order, it’s all a play of energy, on every single level of existence, both in the world and within ourselves. This is why many of us have more drive and will to do and accomplish our goals, such energy is masculine, the “go get it” attitude is here and the universe is open to all our truest desires and ambitions.

Don’t miss out on this energy, it’s here for a reason!

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It’s quite interesting how we aren’t able to recall the exact moment when we entered a dream or when we enter a trance (which is “absorption” or “the flow”).

The same goes for thought in conjunction with its projections and emotional intensity. The moment when thought appears, that is when attention is absorbed by it. However, by remaining still psychologically, one can consciously withdraw from thought construction just a slight moment after being absorbed by it.

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Every mental action is a pattern…

All of our characteristic traits and behaviors are built up of patterns. A pattern is a form, and a form is a structure. Within a structure there is a code, i.e., a 14 x 14 inch tile’s form/structure is coded by 14 inches in width and height. Therefore, the code can be rewritten… no matter what it is. Every material and immaterial form can be restructured or modified, whether it may be conscious material or subconscious material.

Life itself is transformation, one can totally transform anything within his or herself for the better.

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Learning is the superpower of the human being.

There is an infinite capacity to learn, for the brain-mind has no maximum capacity for the knowledge and data it can intake. After understanding this fact, one should not limit his or herself when it comes to learning, for we can truly learn anything, so long as we dedicate and apply ourselves to learning new things.

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Born out of agitation is thought’s habitual nature of predicting, based solely on past knowledge. It uses the past to predict the future. This agitation is thought’s tendency to deny the living present, being stuck on the past and/or projecting into the future.

Now, one may wonder, “How to end this?” It cannot be ended, however, once this agitated state of thought is observed it goes into abeyance. The activity itself persists but YOU, that point of observation, ceases being flung to and fro thoughts projection into the past or future.

Obviously thought itself is contradiction, but, there are different modes of thought in its movement. Normally thought flings into the mind upon waking perception, perceiving an object. The past begins to articulate itself based on this. That is its first movement. Depending on the situation, thought moves variously in accordance with the particular situation. An example of this is analysis vs. instinctual action. For instance, one who is analyzing facts and historical documents is undergoing a slower movement of thought, whereas, one who is in the midst of danger acts immediately (either ‘fight or flight’ response) because thought is moving in a unitary sense.

This unitary movement of thought is far quicker than the sluggish searching action of thought that is based in analysis.

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Nature is supreme intelligence, for it does not mimic anything, it has nothing to use as a reference to create. True creation is devoid of the utilization of a reference, a ‘model.’ We humans must use references, inspirations, to “create” things. In fact, every living entity besides nature itself must use a model/reference to ‘create’ things.