Jewel 31


This Knowingness or knowledge that is contained in the head and that makes us who we are is an energy; this energy is in sync with the celestial bodies, for the stars and constellations constitute its idiosyncratic tendencies and operational nature. The experience of Life is an energy itself and this energy is translated as the accumulated knowledge that is stored in the head-brain space, therefore, circumstances and events throughout the course of one’s life also play a major part in the functioning and development of this Knowingness that dwells within oneself.

Jewel 30


Many say, “the application of knowledge is wisdom,” I wish to include and disseminate this statement, “the application of wisdom is intelligence” simply for the fact that there is a distinct difference between ‘knowledge’ and wisdom.

Knowledge is the result of past experiences, it is an amalgam or intangible reservoir of miscellaneous data and information. This intangible amalgamation of experiences measures itself against the present, and this very measuring is a process, “process” implies ‘time’, which is “from now to later.” Intelligence, however, is not of time, for it exists in a constant state of manifestation (manifesting), it is not “fixed” or ‘situated’ within the confines of a barrier, such as memory. Intelligence acts and corresponds in exact accordance with “what is” spontaneously, whether it is danger or a response to a particular stimulus.

With knowledge one must internally ‘recollect’ and ‘recognize’ data or information once captured through experience, this internal act of recognition is the action of seeking. The seeking occurs within an interval, the interval of “from perception (of a thing) to mentation (forming the idea about the thing with the use of memory in order to bring about a response or reaction.” Thus, knowledge and intelligence are not synonymous terms, yes they may be interrelated because knowledge is a derivative of intelligence, and intelligence moves through the space of knowledge (the psyche), but, as we can clearly see, there is a dichotomy between the two.

An example of intelligence is intuition and instinct, whereas, knowledge is thought and manual cognitive processing (which is analysis, memorization, etc.)

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There isn’t any knowledge in the head, on an actual level… there is only sound, noise. This noise produces all imagery and conceptualizations in the brain. The very sound itself misidentifies itself as the things it produces. At this point that is where this “knowledge” phenomenon comes about, reifying itself as a mental construct, taking form.

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The world in which we live can only be experienced in the head… Without the brain we cannot experience this “place.” Thus, any experience is subject to the territory of mind, which intertwines with the brain’s neuro-synapses. 

This means that even when you do astral project, have dreams, take a psychedelic, or experience some “transcendental” state, you aren’t going anywhere, for it all is held in Mind. There are no “places,” all exists within a spaceless ‘space.’ 

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No animal other than the reptiloid-ape human has a sense of “I exist.” The sense of “I exist” is an anomaly that’s only found in us. The dog has no sense of “I exist,” there’s just an automatic internal mechanism of perception + response to stimuli within it. That’s it.

The human being however, with its over-creative ability of image conjuring of signs and symbols, has conceptualized its own existence. This human recognizes the world and itself through the lens of knowledge (sounds/images) that it has imposed upon actualities in the world. It is this superimposition of knowledge upon the world and the actualities within it by the dysfunctional human psyche that is the greatest delusion ever.

The animals don’t have this kind of knowledge, yet, they still function in this world. Therefore, intelligence is not knowledge.

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Faith and hope are always and can only be based in fear… Trust, however, can only stem from and be based in Love.

If one were walking on a narrow beam high above the ground, the one will have faith or hope if he fears falling. Conversely, if one loves heights and treading along narrow platforms that are situated way above the ground, the one will walk the beam with Trust, for love is there within him.

Trust is born out of Love and is inseparable from it. Faith, hope, and belief are all born out of fear, invariably.

Jewel 25


There’s a battle of knowledge held within the mind. This battle is only conducted by Thought. Thought is the knowledge…

It is only ideas that conflict with one another that creates turmoil and friction within ones own mind. This very same turmoil and friction is tension on the brain. Tension impedes on the brain’s processing power and energetic fluidity. 

In our daily lives our brains are often in agitation. Again, agitation is also friction in the mind, which impedes the energy of the brain assuredly.