Jewel 42 | The Science of Death



“Death is a myth” is a very true statement in the sense that nothing ever truly dies, therefore nothing is every really “born.” Besides physical birth and death, these things are merely transitional occurrences of condensed or “gross” energy, matter (solidified light & sound). There are several bodies that exist in tandem with the physical body, although they may be more subtle and frankly invisible, they are apparent in our experience of so called “physical life.”

The mind, consciousness, and awareness are the three factors that contribute to all phenomenal existence. All of which are wholly intangible noumena, they engender what seems to be “real” physical space by way of sensory perception. Since the three factors of reality or experiential life are all invisible and intangible, everything they produce or generate varies by degree. This physical life which we experience as everyday human beings is one of the lowest degrees or vibratory frequencies of consciousness and awareness, the mind. Thus, the physical body exists and operates on such a degree or dimension of an immaterial manifold noumenon known as the three aforementioned factors we explained.

Knowing that the physical body can only exist on the vibratory or dimensional frequency of matter (solidified sound & light), the other several bodies coexist with the physical body, however, on varying vibratory degrees or dimensions of the immaterial space in which all perceptible and imperceptible phenomena takes place. We won’t go into all of the varying bodies that exist in conjunction with the physical body for such a topic is entirely too extensive to expound upon in this jewel. Let us look into the Astral degree of the body for now.

One degree or dimension above physical life is the Astral realm. The author has a theory that once the physical body perishes the active knowledge that was present in the mental space (psyche) is ‘released’ from the body and transitions into the Astral realm, existing as a ‘Shell’ of the person (psyche; ego) eternally, with his or her personality and idiosyncrasies fully in tact. Yet, the Essence which is behind the psyche or ego-personality’s phantasmal existence is forever present in it in physical life, the Astral life, and whatever other varying multi-dimensional experiences of life and existence simultaneously. In fact, the Astral realm holds all potentialities and possibilities throughout all planes, degrees, and dimensions of existence so even when one “dies” physically, his or her death has happened innumerable times over and over in differing ways eternally as nothing truly exists, only the potential of things, yet, the very potential of something exists in and of itself in the infinite Astral space and various universes.

In African spiritual systems, those who have done great service for their communities and nations are elevated to being Gods, for the people commit them to memory collectively and “feed” them with offerings, veneration, and gratitude for their being and work. What occurs in the Astral space due from these acts is the ego-personality of that deceased individual, which is a Shell of them, begins to grow and gain energy from the energy and love that they receive from those who are still existing on this frequency of existence, physical existence. The “dead” individual remains conscious and retains his/her memory and affiliation with those from his/her physical life, therefore, in the Astral (or Ancestral realm as African spiritualists refer to it) can assist their loved ones from “the other side” or “Afterlife” and perform miraculous acts so long as they have enough power or energy to do so.

“Life and death are mere phases of thusness (Is-ness), That Which Is (Awareness) can only experience itself through endless transmutation, reflection, and enantiodromia (reversal of polar extremes).” —rhaqim

Jewel 41 | Understanding the Veil Between Earth & the Spirit Realm


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The same way the brain quiets down during deep meditation, which then produces astral phenomena such as visions, in’sights, trance states or profound realizations, is the same way the earth and our immediate environment facilitates “paranormal” or “supernatural” phenomena at night (especially during the Witching Hour 12am-3am) when most of the population is asleep and the land is quiet.

The environment holds memory, just as the Mind does. Thus, events and energy that occur in any area anywhere remains as astral residue, energetic ‘imprints’ if you will.

These energetic or astral imprints left over in the environment are the cause behind hauntings and ghostly sightings as well as other unexplainable mysterious phenomena.

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Jewel 40


The Legend Of The Sun and The Moon | Springwolf Reflections

The Universe is a harmonious unitary movement of an infinitude of miscellaneous bodies and forms that stretches unto infinity. With this understanding we can easily see that the the balance of the Yin (Dark) & Yang (Light) energies that composes all phenomenal existence is a necessity.

Everything in Creation or existence is dual, including Creation/existence itself. Therefore, the balance between the extremes or polarities of things in our lives and especially within ourselves is imperative. What is happening today is a grand deception where those who we refer to as “They” or the so called “Elite” are propagating and biochemically implementing the notion of “there’s so thing as gender.” Such an erroneous conception and rhetorical assertion is slowly but surely causing many humans in Western countries to be imbalanced both psychologically and physiologically, as well as intellectually crippled, when it comes to gender/sex and its function in not only our mundane lives but in nature also.

You see, when one is confused about the roles and function of the natural dual forces and energies of nature (Yin & Yang) one can never truly understand his or herself or the world in which they live. Existence is a binary or dual modality, although its essence is truly “non-polar,” this is why there is complete harmony amongst the celestial bodies such as the planets in our solar system, the perennial dance between the sun and the moon. There is balance in this Universe but on earth, in man, there is great distortion, dissonance, and imbalance, which ultimately ensues great calamities and individual turmoil and suffering, petty bickering against one another, etc. Let’s look at the harmony between the Sun (masculine, light Yang energy) and the Moon (feminine, dark, Yin energy) for a brief moment…

The sun always rises where its supposed to, never does it rise in the west or north, and the moon never constantly rises in front of the sun to prevent us from receiving its light. This play or dance is by design, it is not a random mistake of “chance” as these fake religious dogmatic “scientists” of today would tell you.

Understand that we all do have both yin and yang energy within us, however, a male naturally possesses far more masculine/yang energy than a woman for that is how the power behind All things crafted its Creation to be.

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Jewel 39 | The Quiet Mind


Power of the Mind in Health and Healing | Udemy

There is a profound peace beneath the noise of thought. Normally, throughout our daily lives, our minds, our consciousness is continuously flooded and bombarded by thoughts and worries of the past and future. This constant bombardment of thought is noise in the head, it is nothing more than sound that produces mental images, images of which we react to. Seldom do we respond intelligently to these thoughts of worry or concern, we have for the course of our lives been accustomed to merely reacting to the appearance of thought, the noise.

With understanding this noise, that is thought, can be attenuated, relinquished in a sense, for understanding itself is transcendence of a problem, of confusion and uncertainty. Put it like this, in school you suffered from failing to correctly answer or solve a math problem. Before it seemed like an impasse, an impossibility to get the correct answer; however, you try something different or you gain access to a tutor who showed you how to correctly solve the problem. In that examination and explanation clarity, which is understanding, was brought. Thus, now you can solve the math problem, easily, with no confusion or mental distortion.

Learn to understand the mind, your very own thinking, and be free from the illusory noise of thought.

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Jewel 38 | Mechanical, Natural, & Spiritual Technology



We live in a technology based era and society. Thus, it is wise for one to be involved in the development of technologies as well as maintaining a deep and intimate relationship with natural technology, spiritual technology.

Yes we may have access to great amenities and conveniences due to mechanical technology, but, what would we do when or if all the satellites crash? Or if some cosmic event transpires which would render any operational functioning of our devices and machines useless?

It is wise for us to be involved and engaged in not only the development, but the utilization of natural technology, such as: herbal medicine, agricultural understanding, our very own brain and bodies, as well as spiritual technology, which is a manifestation of our intent and vibrational resonance consecrated into natural or mechanical objects, and mechanical or innovative industrial technology.

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Jewel 37


Your “spirit” is nothing more than the infinite essence that permeates all existence, whilst temporally occupying the brain-body space.

In actuality, the physical body is our soul. Granted that the body is truly immortal, whereas the “dweller” within it is ephemeral. When you “die” the body will corrode into the earth, and this corrosion is merely a transmutation from a single “body” into many.  The body decomposes and from its decomposition comes a myriad of life-forms, other organic matter and minerals which are born from the earth. This makes the body immortal, for it has no real beginning, thus it has no end.

Life is eternal transformation.

Return of the Divine Masculine

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It’s 2018! This year is the portal for the return of the Divine Masculine energy. 2012 was the portal for the return of the Divine Feminine energy, which is creative and chaotic in nature. This explains why in 2012 we began to see a huge shift in human consciousness. A lot more men (especially men of color) were becoming more effeminized that year, examples include rappers beginning to wear dresses and skirts publicly, with addition to other kinds of sexes (homosexuals, transexuals, etc.) coming out of the darkness of society, various people with unorthodox sexuality were all coming to the forefront.

Now, in 2018… this Divine Masculine energy is here and will bring balance. The Divine Masculine is needed to keep the Divine Feminine in order, it’s all a play of energy, on every single level of existence, both in the world and within ourselves. This is why many of us have more drive and will to do and accomplish our goals, such energy is masculine, the “go get it” attitude is here and the universe is open to all our truest desires and ambitions.

Don’t miss out on this energy, it’s here for a reason!