5 Keys to Effectively Enhance Your Memorization

  1. Interest (more interest [authentic, not self-imposed] the more there will be energy for attention)
  2. Attention (absorption)
  3. Visualization (instead of “trying” to remember the information solely verbally, remember the exact moment or scene when the new information was observed; this in itself is a clear mental image that can be recalled easily)
  4. Simplification (breaking the info down into 3 or 5 parts; recording key and concise info, condensing it)
  5. Association (relating info to previous or relevant info in order to build an easy bridge to access/recall the newly learned material)

When learning, especially from a textbook, don’t fixate on “absorbing” all the information, the brain will filter out most of it inevitably. Instead, skim through the info and track key parts or details that highlights what is being learned essentially.

Jewel 45 | Higher is Actually Deeper


The “higher” you go mentally, vibrationally, you actually go deeper. Dimensional planes of existence are not arranged in hierarchical “heights” in the physical sense, they exist co-dependently and they parallel each other by way of vibrational degree.

Just as each body (we have several bodies: physical, ethereal, astral, mental, etc.) that’s affixed to the physical human anatomy is its own organism with its anatomical and atomic structures, so too are the dimensional planes of existence within this infinite manifold Omniverse which contains all universes (varying realms, realities, or dimensions). Every manifestation of energy is toroidal to some degree, even consciousness itself due to its reflective modality of being the producer and the product of its content simultaneously. Therefore, when one dreams of being in different worlds or mysterious and bizarre unfamiliar places, the one has not ventured to some offshoot realm that is apart from his or her own universe, the one has simply delve into a deeper level of oneself.

When you dream, or even when you astral project or trip on some psychedelic drug, the brain’s neurochemistry is being altered into “higher” states which are essentially faster frequencies that induce deeper dissociation from the physical body, which ultimately inverts conscious awareness into itself to explore its myriad of infinite dimensions and aspects of its experiential “self.” We can liken this process to that of a ceiling fan. When the ceiling fan is turned on to its lowest setting, “slow,” you will be able to see the blades spin gently. However, when the fan is turned on to a higher setting it becomes harder to see the blades one by one, and as the setting is increased to its highest setting, “fast,” you won’t see the blades at all, for they become invisible.

Consequently, our conscious minds’ functionality within waking life acts the same way. The vibrational frequency of the experience of our “normal” waking life is like the ceiling fan set on “slow,” everything vibrates slower, which makes things appear to be dense or “solid;” but, when we dream or have our consciousness altered (accelerated) the vibrational frequency of our experience becomes like the ceiling fan set on “fast,” which in turn makes things appear to be more sparse and less “solid,” for everything is more malleable and volatile.

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History Is Not What You Think: Moorish/Islamic Architecture & Secret Societies in the Americas


Landmark Theatre (Richmond, Va.) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

What we have here is a photograph of the Altria Theater (formerly known as The Landmark Theater and “The Mosque” prior to 2014) in Richmond, Virginia. Many Moorish/Islamic-esque buildings like this exist all throughout the Americas and the world. This is largely due to the fact that the builders of such structures were and are Moors (Aboriginal Americans “Al Morrocans” and “Africans” from Mauritania (West and North Africa “Ethiopia”) or Freemasons (of various racial and ethnic backgrounds) who have adopted the style of design in the 17th and 20th centuries. The “style” of architecture is called “Moorish Revival.”

The Altria Theater, in particular, was built by the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, members within its ACCA Temple (one of many of the Freemasonic groups in Richmond, VA) to be exact. The members all wear fezzes like the original Moors of Mauritania, Europe, and the Americas. See the images below:

Acca Shriners | Together We Can

An ACCA Temple Freemason riding a prop truck in King George County, VA

The Official Website of the Moorish Science Temple of America

Noble Drew Ali (Moorish Science Temple of America)


Elijah Muhammad (Nation of Islam)

Note: The crescent moon and star in esoteric Islam represents the Mother and Son; Holy Mother (Spirit) and Blessed Son (Matter), hence the word “Mason” (Ma-son/Mom Son) “Cosmic Balance.”

As we can see, there are several distinct different temples and lodges, we can discern this by viewing the letters embedded on the face of their fezzes and the colors. See below:


1000+ images about Freemason on Pinterest | Knights ...

Note: The word “Menelik” on these Menelik Freemasons’ fezzes may refer to the first emperor of Ethiopia, Menelik I. It is said that he was the son of King Solomon, yet “official” records claim there are no archaeological or textual evidence of his existence. However, it could refer to and venerate emperor Menelik II, who reigned from 1889 to 1913. See image below:

Emperor Menelik II.png

Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II

Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ...

Depending on the rank or degree of a Freemason, as well as the nature of his temple and lodge associates, they learn deep esoteric (hidden) knowledge that has been purposefully kept away from the average population. Such esoteric knowledge includes: metaphysical and Hermetic knowledge of the universal principles/laws, the true story of human past (not “history”; HIS STORY), and the ancient mysteries of the Egyptians (Kemeticians) and Moors (Muurs). An example of this is the book below, written by Joseph A. Walkes (a Freemason):

“History of the Shrine: Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Inc. Prince Hall Affiliated, A Pillar of Black Society” Years 1893-1993

If you don’t believe that these guys hold the true story of our so called “history” as well as other imperative knowledge that’s been kept secret from the remaining population by the evil Ashkenazi Freemasons and Satanic Boule families that have enslaved the people of Earth then checkout this book’s pricing on Amazon. “Anything that’s easily accessible must be questioned.” —Dane Calloway

Mind you, the average member of the various lodges of the Freemasonic groups within the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine secret society are not directly affiliated with or even have any knowing of the operations of the Satanic cabal that the author mentioned prior. However, their top members like the 33rd and 90th degree Freemasons may more than likely be in cahoots with the Satanic cabal. The author will conduct more research regarding this matter to ensure accurate disclosure of information.

Now that we’ve shed a little light on the Freemasons of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, let us look at more examples of the Moorish Revival architecture that is found throughout the world, especially in the Americas.


Here is the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This architectural design is another exemplification of Moorish Revival style structures. The Moors introduced this kind of Islamic architecture to Spain and other countries in Europe when they invaded and conquered such lands in the pre-medieval era. The European and Jewish Freemasons (as well as the colonists) adopted the style into most of their buildings and infrastructure subsequently, primarily out of admiration for the design and aesthetic, but not so much for its function (Moorish/Islamic temples and architecture are based in the application of “Supreme Mathematics” and sacred geometry). Cathedrals, medieval churches, mosques, and other buildings resembling Greek and Roman architecture are all derivations of Moorish/Islamic and Kemetic (Egyptian) design; any intricate and temple-like structures built in Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere after the 17th century are simply “Moorish Revivals.”

America’s Islamic Heritage Museum Hosts Author Phil ...

Opa Locka, Florida City Hall

Masonic Press Agency | #FM24h: April 2013

Scottish Rite Temple, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Four stunning Melbourne architectural designs all students ...

Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

Tripoli Shrine Temple, Milwaukee Wisconsin | Shriners ...

Tripoli Shrine Temple, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

These are just a very small fraction of examples of Moorish Revival architecture that is found worldwide, particularly in the Americas (Canada, U.S., Central and South America), Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Australia.

There has been a major cover up pertaining to our history as a species, one of which that is not even so long ago. To be exact, it’s only about 100 years old, this cover up and lie that we’ve all been fed. It is common knowledge (for “good” deceptive reason) that the 1900s was a period of “construction” due to the Industrial Revolution. However, the more researchers and truth seekers alike that dig deeper into the “rabbit hole” if you will, the more we find evidence of the contrary. When one investigates into ancient world maps, as well as very old world encyclopedias (most of which are no longer available, extremely expensive and hard to find, or have been deceitfully edited for misinformation purposes), we see unspoken of empires like Tartaria, which was a great and vast empire that stretched all throughout eastern Europe, Russia, and China.

Old empires like Tartaria, as well as the various empires of eastern and western Africa (Ethiopia) had rich multi-cultural and racial civilizations, yet, they’ve all been hidden by and overlooked by “credible” so called scholars. The reason for hiding this real story (NOT HIS STORY) was part of the divide and conquer methodology of the world’s “elite.” Monopolistic families and individuals like Woodrow Wilson, John D. Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, and many others conspired to forming today’s education “system” for the sole purpose of molding workers for their avaricious capitalist advancement and global self-empowerment whilst engineering the population’s entire experience of reality and perception.

The World Wars, as well as instigated racial tensions by the “elitists” ensued destruction of most Moorish architecture that once preoccupied all Canadian and American cities, as well as the total deletion of our ancestors’ memories of all that transpired prior to the 1900s.

Isn’t it odd that so called “Black” people (Aborigine Americans; some mixed with Indigenous “Africans”) had many cities, towns, banks, hospitals, and prosperous communities right after so called “slavery,” then some events happened throughout the Western Hemisphere, such as multiple mass city “burnings,” riots, wars, and so on seemed to wipe them all out? Then we (everyone living in “The New World”) had a reset, which facilitated the so called “Industrial Revolution?”

The truth is, human civilization was much more advanced not only in antiquity but also a few hundred years ago. All peoples of the Earth had a uniform connected civilization by way of sea travel and the fact that the continents were closer together, this is why so much of the same structures such as pyramids and advanced architectural design are found worldwide, “remotely” away from another.

We will cover much more real-story (not HIS STORY) in coming posts, videos, and future articles.

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The Truth About Pan-Americans

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Jewel 44 | Stillness Vs. Vibration


How a Psychic's Mind Works To Know Our Future? - OMTimes ...

There is a difference between exercising one’s vibration to “manifest” desires and relaxing into a quiet mind that becomes “still.” The former is active whereas the latter is inactive, better yet “non-reactive.”

Let’s investigate into the act of vibrational manifestation (creation) very briefly. When one is actively exercising his or her energy (mood) to manifest things they desire, efforts can come in many ways. However, the only real effort that is needed for such activity is maintaining one’s alignment with the vibrational frequency of the object of desire. Many fail to “manifest” what they want due to misalignment, continuous and habitual misalignment. Vibration is more so correlated to emotion (energy in motion), hence the term itself, “vibration,” which means “an oscillation (back and forth) of energy or a body of particles in a periodic time frame.”

Stillness is the highest (and lowest) vibration there is, for it is the intersection of the fastest and slowest extremes of motion in both physical time-space and ether (the substratum of all physical phenomena; the immaterial field upon which all matter stands and plays about). When the brain is quiet there is stillness, which is an active “rest.” When the brain’s neural activity is stilled there is action and rest occurring simultaneously. The brain-mind reflects this active “rest” that is “stillness” by way of the brain’s wavelengths shifting from beta (conscious, intellect, active, anxious mind), to alpha (conscious, relaxed, calm mind), and from the aforementioned wavelengths comes theta (subconscious, hypnotic/hypnagogic, trance mind) and delta (unconscious, deep REM sleep, etc.), thereby generating mental impressions and phenomena that are tethered to each varying wavelength or brain frequency.

The brain-mind, in its point of active “rest,” can bring about “miracles” and all other sort of “paranormal” or “supernatural” phenomena. One can even shift through alternate dimensions (which are merely states of mind; altered states of consciousness, not physical locations) and perform enhanced psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, remote viewing (another form of astral projection), amplified manifestation of will or intent, and so on.

Thus, stillness (which is the brain-mind at rest in its own psychic and neural action) has tremendous power although it may seem to be useless meditation or rest to laymen and spiritual neophytes, whereas, active application of methods of manifestation such as increasing one’s vibration (enhancing moods or happier states of emotion), candle magic, conjure, or any other form of ritual are effective in their own right, but, they all depend upon one thing, which is effort in alignment. Stillness itself is the alignment of all worlds, all feelings, all phenomena, thus it can be utilized in a way where one can “manifest” (create) almost anything that may be deemed as “impossible.” 

Jewel 43 | Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is a Eugenic Propaganda Piece Used to Cover Ancient Indigenous Human Intelligence

Articles, Jewels

White Supremacy: The Dark Side of Eugenics – The Seattle Star

A lot of “science” that was introduced and developed during the 17th to 20th century was utilized to justify European imperialism (Colonialism). Figures like Charles Darwin, and his theory of “evolution” was another way of propagating the idea of “superiority” & “inferiority.”

This very same theory that has widely been accepted as fact, was used by Eugenicists during the 1900s who actively promoted pseudoscience to perpetuate the idea that the so called “White” race is a “superior” race over the colored ones. So, if you believe in the Theory of Evolution then you have blindly accepted an idea that has been made into an opinionated “fact.” It tells us that we may have derived from monkeys, many of us heard it and believed it, never really questioning this theoretical proposition. If you believe that we came from monkeys then you automatically rule out our indigenous ancestors’ mental capacity of being able to create advanced civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. So, the “History” channel presented you with Ancient Aliens. European eugenicists have provided us with their own worldview, one of which they present as absolute fact, when in reality they only postulate notions and theories that exalt themselves and their “race.”

Thus, naturally they wouldn’t want us to think that our darker and copper skin complexioned ancestors had more intelligence they have. They could not handle the reality that we (Indigenous Aborigines of all continents) were here first and have been inventing and creating wonders that still stand to this day. This is where the propagation of the “Ancient Astronaut Theory” was used. You have to ask yourself, why would they want to present something as outlandish as “Ancient Aliens” to a presumably “legitimate” source of education such as the “History Channel” to the public?

Furthermore, Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution is flawed simply by the fact that it conflicts with the evidence of advance ancient civilizations that existed throughout the earth that still stand or remain as remnants today. No one really knows what happened BEFORE antiquity, let alone DURING antiquity. The author won’t sit up here and act as if he knows either, but, the author does have a theory based on the science of how our current existence operates vibrationally and metaphysically. The theory goes as follows:

Our ancient primordial ancestors were living in a supremely high vibrational earth, which naturally ensued a higher intelligence and direct connection with Divinity. During which they created great civilizations that are assumed to be myths today. Then there was a point where we “fell,” our vibrations lowered (which is a slow frequency rate of oscillation of ether and matter) we had became too attached to the material aspects of earth although the entire plane of which was (or still is) Astral-esque. Consequently, we separated and became tribesmen with differing tongues and cultures, spreading throughout the various ends of the earth, even though before we all shared ONE common language… Vibrational output (i.e., Body Language, Telepathy, Psychic & Synchronistic Resonance). This is merely what the author thinks and believes, he’s not putting this as if this was the case.


Jewel 42 | The Science of Death



“Death is a myth” is a very true statement in the sense that nothing ever truly dies, therefore nothing is every really “born.” Besides physical birth and death, these things are merely transitional occurrences of condensed or “gross” energy, matter (solidified light & sound). There are several bodies that exist in tandem with the physical body, although they may be more subtle and frankly invisible, they are apparent in our experience of so called “physical life.”

The mind, consciousness, and awareness are the three factors that contribute to all phenomenal existence. All of which are wholly intangible noumena, they engender what seems to be “real” physical space by way of sensory perception. Since the three factors of reality or experiential life are all invisible and intangible, everything they produce or generate varies by degree. This physical life which we experience as everyday human beings is one of the lowest degrees or vibratory frequencies of consciousness and awareness, the mind. Thus, the physical body exists and operates on such a degree or dimension of an immaterial manifold noumenon known as the three aforementioned factors we explained.

Knowing that the physical body can only exist on the vibratory or dimensional frequency of matter (solidified sound & light), the other several bodies coexist with the physical body, however, on varying vibratory degrees or dimensions of the immaterial space in which all perceptible and imperceptible phenomena takes place. We won’t go into all of the varying bodies that exist in conjunction with the physical body for such a topic is entirely too extensive to expound upon in this jewel. Let us look into the Astral degree of the body for now.

One degree or dimension above physical life is the Astral realm. The author has a theory that once the physical body perishes the active knowledge that was present in the mental space (psyche) is ‘released’ from the body and transitions into the Astral realm, existing as a ‘Shell’ of the person (psyche; ego) eternally, with his or her personality and idiosyncrasies fully in tact. Yet, the Essence which is behind the psyche or ego-personality’s phantasmal existence is forever present in it in physical life, the Astral life, and whatever other varying multi-dimensional experiences of life and existence simultaneously. In fact, the Astral realm holds all potentialities and possibilities throughout all planes, degrees, and dimensions of existence so even when one “dies” physically, his or her death has happened innumerable times over and over in differing ways eternally as nothing truly exists, only the potential of things, yet, the very potential of something exists in and of itself in the infinite Astral space and various universes.

In African spiritual systems, those who have done great service for their communities and nations are elevated to being Gods, for the people commit them to memory collectively and “feed” them with offerings, veneration, and gratitude for their being and work. What occurs in the Astral space due from these acts is the ego-personality of that deceased individual, which is a Shell of them, begins to grow and gain energy from the energy and love that they receive from those who are still existing on this frequency of existence, physical existence. The “dead” individual remains conscious and retains his/her memory and affiliation with those from his/her physical life, therefore, in the Astral (or Ancestral realm as African spiritualists refer to it) can assist their loved ones from “the other side” or “Afterlife” and perform miraculous acts so long as they have enough power or energy to do so.

“Life and death are mere phases of thusness (Is-ness), That Which Is (Awareness) can only experience itself through endless transmutation, reflection, and enantiodromia (reversal of polar extremes).” —rhaqim

Jewel 41 | Understanding the Veil Between Earth & the Spirit Realm


Image may contain: night, outdoor and nature

The same way the brain quiets down during deep meditation, which then produces astral phenomena such as visions, in’sights, trance states or profound realizations, is the same way the earth and our immediate environment facilitates “paranormal” or “supernatural” phenomena at night (especially during the Witching Hour 12am-3am) when most of the population is asleep and the land is quiet.

The environment holds memory, just as the Mind does. Thus, events and energy that occur in any area anywhere remains as astral residue, energetic ‘imprints’ if you will.

These energetic or astral imprints left over in the environment are the cause behind hauntings and ghostly sightings as well as other unexplainable mysterious phenomena.

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