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We are the richest generation of human beings to ever walk the face of the Earth.

The advancement of technology has enabled us to garner enormous wealth passively and actively. This has never been done on such a scale in human history. To those of you who are always shouting “We need to get back to nature!” and “Go back to nature!” need to understand this….


Technology, and anything created from it IS also nature.The elements of nature is what is used to produce technology. The only issue we have with technology is a conflict of interest, which is the technology that is essentially constructed from nature is being used to damage ecosystems that exist in nature. That is the only problem our technology is producing. Technology itself is not evil.

Exemplary men like Nikola Tesla, who pioneered alternating currents (AC; the electrical current in your home’s wall outlets) envisioned Free Energy for the entire world. This is grand innovation that has been insidiously swept under the rug for greedy monetary purposes. You see? There are pros and cons to everything. Yet, technology is a great extension of nature. The only thing required is for us humans to be responsibly intelligent with our technological advancements and inventions. Equilibrium must be maintained with its usage and nature.

We are technology, biological and “spiritual” technology at its finest degree. All of which are by products of nature. Not just nature as in the trees, the rivers, and forest wildlife; nature is the functionality of all existential phenomena, it is the entirety of Universal law.

Thus, how can we “Get back to nature?” WE ARE NATURE! Our problem really is, “We must bring back BALANCE with environmental nature, ourselves, and our technological creations.” There, that’s how it should be put. Too many are propagating misperceptions due to deluded ideas.

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