The Real Reason Women Can’t Keep a Man and Why Men Cheat


Both men and women of today don’t truly understand that when a man exchanges his sexual energy (especially sperm/semen) with a woman she becomes not only genetically binded to that man, but also spiritually.

So, when a man has sex with a woman (raw/no “protection”) and his semen seeps into her vaginal walls, his genetic material leaves an “imprint” in the woman’s body (not just the physical body, but also her spiritual bodies) because it merges with her blood, cells, and so forth. Subsequently, if the woman does not cleanse and purge herself of the man’s energy (both genetic and spiritual/metaphysical) she will remain unconsciously binded to that man (or men). So, what happens is that the woman will not be able to truly give herself 100% to her new man or lover (unless he is genetically/spiritually more dominant).

This is the true reason why most divorces happen. It was said that a study was done where scientists found sperm cells in various tissues and cells inside of the brain of an old married 80 something year old woman that belonged to a young man she had sexual intercourse with during her teens. The author hasn’t followed up on this study or its claims to know that finding to be true, however, with the aforementioned metaphysical aspect of this same topic expounded on, it is quite intriguing to say the least.

Now, let’s delve into how a woman should “unbind” herself from a previous sexual partner for a moment. In order for a woman to unbind herself from a past lover or past men she’s been with sexually there must be a “change” that has to happen within her for her to be able to actually “move on…” energetically, not merely psychologically. Both an inward spiritual change (one of which is derived from the Heart, her intent, her will and core values and interest) and an outward change, which is her behaviors (both mental and physical) and actions (decisions and habits).

It is clear that many people may disagree with this either by way of emotion or some firm conviction they’ve developed from their own experience(s) or societal conditioning. So, let’s look at it this way… empirically.

The so called “good guy” (not a pushover or sneaky “nice guy” with a hidden agenda) a real man who earns a nice living, has all the resources he needs for himself and a family, and is an upstanding person in society and in his work, yet he usually gets left for the so called “bad guys” (the jail birds, the street dudes, etc.) but why? Is it merely because some women “make the wrong decisions” or are “stupid” or love “drama” and unpredictability? Is it truly only because of that? Or, is there more to it?

You see, the upstanding “good guy” may be a very decent individual, a humble and moral human being, but he may also lack the genetic potency (spiritual potency) of the so called “bad boy”. He may be lacking testosterone in comparison with the street dude because he lives comfortably and has never faced real danger, whereas, the street dude has been shot at, stabbed, robbed, came close to death and survived.

Does that make the “bad” street guy better than the “good” hard working guy? Of course not, obviously, but what it does tell us is the empirical truth of our neurological and biological dispositions as men and women. No matter what kind of content your psychology (ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and convictions) may consist of, on a neurological and genetic level, we act and behave accordingly, unconsciously. This is the true reason why some (or even “most”) women end up thrilling off with the men that have more testosterone and sexual potency (spiritual dominance).

Don’t get it confused though, everything isn’t immutable, and there are always unicorns and rare cases, but, for the most part, this is what we see with our own eyes, on both sides, continually, since time immemorial.

Now, let’s look at the real reason why some men cheat on their women. The woman, with her not knowing or having any awareness of what was conveyed and elaborated on above, may have slept around with many different guys while she was young. Then, in the future, when she’s older and childless, she finally comes across “Mr. Right.” Everything is all sunshine and rainbows for months, even years… then, one day Mr.Right’s patterns begin to change. He’s out later on the weekends, he works arduously to keep his phone from his woman’s sight, only because he met another woman, or even women. The woman, who was so sure this guy was the “right” one has now found out about his infidelity, so she questions why. Now let’s say her man (“Mr. Right”) has had a good handful of sexual experiences with other women prior to her being in his life, but her, herself having mixed herself up with so many different men’s spiritual essences (semen/sperm/genetic material/spiritual energies, etc.) that her man, “Mr. Right,” went from being faithful to her to being adherent to his biological design, which is to spread his seed in many fertile soils.

So what happened? He was faithful all those months and years, right? Yes, but what most women (and even some men) don’t know is that when you (as a man) are faithful to your ONE woman, flocks upon flocks upon flocks of OTHER women begin choosing and chasing you! So again, what happened? The man, “Mr. Right” unconsciously sensed that his woman’s complete commitment (submission; in relationships both male and female submit to each other) to him could never be wholly sustained due to other men’s energies and genetic essences still flowing throughout her body (AND spiritual bodies).

So he cheats. Not to intentionally hurt his woman, but because of the underlying subtle and metaphysical conditions between him and his woman that he himself senses unconsciously, not intuitively.

Is the author saying every man is like this and will succumb to such subconscious impressions and “opportunities?” Of course not! However, this is the real and actual biological disposition and condition of most men. If the woman had took the time to heal or cleanse herself from those past men’s energies then her man, “Mr. Right” would’ve been more apt to decline any offers or “opportunities” of sex with the other women that only want him because he’s taken.

Furthermore, the author is in no way advocating infidelity and unfaithfulness in relationships. The author is merely pointing out the very subtle causal factors of infidelity.