Jewel 42 | The Science of Death



“Death is a myth” is a very true statement in the sense that nothing ever truly dies, therefore nothing is every really “born.” Besides physical birth and death, these things are merely transitional occurrences of condensed or “gross” energy, matter (solidified light & sound). There are several bodies that exist in tandem with the physical body, although they may be more subtle and frankly invisible, they are apparent in our experience of so called “physical life.”

The mind, consciousness, and awareness are the three factors that contribute to all phenomenal existence. All of which are wholly intangible noumena, they engender what seems to be “real” physical space by way of sensory perception. Since the three factors of reality or experiential life are all invisible and intangible, everything they produce or generate varies by degree. This physical life which we experience as everyday human beings is one of the lowest degrees or vibratory frequencies of consciousness and awareness, the mind. Thus, the physical body exists and operates on such a degree or dimension of an immaterial manifold noumenon known as the three aforementioned factors we explained.

Knowing that the physical body can only exist on the vibratory or dimensional frequency of matter (solidified sound & light), the other several bodies coexist with the physical body, however, on varying vibratory degrees or dimensions of the immaterial space in which all perceptible and imperceptible phenomena takes place. We won’t go into all of the varying bodies that exist in conjunction with the physical body for such a topic is entirely too extensive to expound upon in this jewel. Let us look into the Astral degree of the body for now.

One degree or dimension above physical life is the Astral realm. The author has a theory that once the physical body perishes the active knowledge that was present in the mental space (psyche) is ‘released’ from the body and transitions into the Astral realm, existing as a ‘Shell’ of the person (psyche; ego) eternally, with his or her personality and idiosyncrasies fully in tact. Yet, the Essence which is behind the psyche or ego-personality’s phantasmal existence is forever present in it in physical life, the Astral life, and whatever other varying multi-dimensional experiences of life and existence simultaneously. In fact, the Astral realm holds all potentialities and possibilities throughout all planes, degrees, and dimensions of existence so even when one “dies” physically, his or her death has happened innumerable times over and over in differing ways eternally as nothing truly exists, only the potential of things, yet, the very potential of something exists in and of itself in the infinite Astral space and various universes.

In African spiritual systems, those who have done great service for their communities and nations are elevated to being Gods, for the people commit them to memory collectively and “feed” them with offerings, veneration, and gratitude for their being and work. What occurs in the Astral space due from these acts is the ego-personality of that deceased individual, which is a Shell of them, begins to grow and gain energy from the energy and love that they receive from those who are still existing on this frequency of existence, physical existence. The “dead” individual remains conscious and retains his/her memory and affiliation with those from his/her physical life, therefore, in the Astral (or Ancestral realm as African spiritualists refer to it) can assist their loved ones from “the other side” or “Afterlife” and perform miraculous acts so long as they have enough power or energy to do so.

“Life and death are mere phases of thusness (Is-ness), That Which Is (Awareness) can only experience itself through endless transmutation, reflection, and enantiodromia (reversal of polar extremes).” —rhaqim