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The Legend Of The Sun and The Moon | Springwolf Reflections

The Universe is a harmonious unitary movement of an infinitude of miscellaneous bodies and forms that stretches unto infinity. With this understanding we can easily see that the the balance of the Yin (Dark) & Yang (Light) energies that composes all phenomenal existence is a necessity.

Everything in Creation or existence is dual, including Creation/existence itself. Therefore, the balance between the extremes or polarities of things in our lives and especially within ourselves is imperative. What is happening today is a grand deception where those who we refer to as “They” or the so called “Elite” are propagating and biochemically implementing the notion of “there’s so thing as gender.” Such an erroneous conception and rhetorical assertion is slowly but surely causing many humans in Western countries to be imbalanced both psychologically and physiologically, as well as intellectually crippled, when it comes to gender/sex and its function in not only our mundane lives but in nature also.

You see, when one is confused about the roles and function of the natural dual forces and energies of nature (Yin & Yang) one can never truly understand his or herself or the world in which they live. Existence is a binary or dual modality, although its essence is truly “non-polar,” this is why there is complete harmony amongst the celestial bodies such as the planets in our solar system, the perennial dance between the sun and the moon. There is balance in this Universe but on earth, in man, there is great distortion, dissonance, and imbalance, which ultimately ensues great calamities and individual turmoil and suffering, petty bickering against one another, etc. Let’s look at the harmony between the Sun (masculine, light Yang energy) and the Moon (feminine, dark, Yin energy) for a brief moment…

The sun always rises where its supposed to, never does it rise in the west or north, and the moon never constantly rises in front of the sun to prevent us from receiving its light. This play or dance is by design, it is not a random mistake of “chance” as these fake religious dogmatic “scientists” of today would tell you.

Understand that we all do have both yin and yang energy within us, however, a male naturally possesses far more masculine/yang energy than a woman for that is how the power behind All things crafted its Creation to be.

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