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There is a profound peace beneath the noise of thought. Normally, throughout our daily lives, our minds, our consciousness is continuously flooded and bombarded by thoughts and worries of the past and future. This constant bombardment of thought is noise in the head, it is nothing more than sound that produces mental images, images of which we react to. Seldom do we respond intelligently to these thoughts of worry or concern, we have for the course of our lives been accustomed to merely reacting to the appearance of thought, the noise.

With understanding this noise, that is thought, can be attenuated, relinquished in a sense, for understanding itself is transcendence of a problem, of confusion and uncertainty. Put it like this, in school you suffered from failing to correctly answer or solve a math problem. Before it seemed like an impasse, an impossibility to get the correct answer; however, you try something different or you gain access to a tutor who showed you how to correctly solve the problem. In that examination and explanation clarity, which is understanding, was brought. Thus, now you can solve the math problem, easily, with no confusion or mental distortion.

Learn to understand the mind, your very own thinking, and be free from the illusory noise of thought.

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