Jewel 35


Every mental action is a pattern…

All of our characteristic traits and behaviors are built up of patterns. A pattern is a form, and a form is a structure. Within a structure there is a code, i.e., a 14 x 14 inch tile’s form/structure is coded by 14 inches in width and height. Therefore, the code can be rewritten… no matter what it is. Every material and immaterial form can be restructured or modified, whether it may be conscious material or subconscious material.

Life itself is transformation, one can totally transform anything within his or herself for the better.

Jewel 34


Learning is the superpower of the human being.

There is an infinite capacity to learn, for the brain-mind has no maximum capacity for the knowledge and data it can intake. After understanding this fact, one should not limit his or herself when it comes to learning, for we can truly learn anything, so long as we dedicate and apply ourselves to learning new things.