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The world in which we live can only be experienced in the head… Without the brain we cannot experience this “place.” Thus, any experience is subject to the territory of mind, which intertwines with the brain’s neuro-synapses. 

This means that even when you do astral project, have dreams, take a psychedelic, or experience some “transcendental” state, you aren’t going anywhere, for it all is held in Mind. There are no “places,” all exists within a spaceless ‘space.’ 

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No animal other than the reptiloid-ape human has a sense of “I exist.” The sense of “I exist” is an anomaly that’s only found in us. The dog has no sense of “I exist,” there’s just an automatic internal mechanism of perception + response to stimuli within it. That’s it.

The human being however, with its over-creative ability of image conjuring of signs and symbols, has conceptualized its own existence. This human recognizes the world and itself through the lens of knowledge (sounds/images) that it has imposed upon actualities in the world. It is this superimposition of knowledge upon the world and the actualities within it by the dysfunctional human psyche that is the greatest delusion ever.

The animals don’t have this kind of knowledge, yet, they still function in this world. Therefore, intelligence is not knowledge.