Jewel 23


The mind is supposed to be indefatigable, yet, we humans exhaust it with our frivolous thinking and petty self-induced problems… 

Why tire the brain out so needlessly? Why continuously waste precious energy on arguing, bickering, and worrying? The brain wants order, but instead we inadvertently breed chaos into it―furthering our individual and collective disarray. This must end.

Our brains, minds, reestablishes order while we sleep. This is why we all love sleep so much, because there is no redundant chaos. Furthermore, our brains or our minds also reestablish order and harmony throughout the day. However, it is done periodically, in different intervals of the day. Some sort of mutation must occur in the human brain that will enable the human to maintain order and clarity in the midst of daily chaos. The only time sleep is chaotic is when the brain generates dreams that reflect ones daily struggles and problems but in a symbolic fashion. This happens when one is in a state of ongoing inward disorder, having too many psychological and daily problems or issues.