Jewel 22


We are Rhythm…

Rhythm is a series of instances or events that reoccur over time to create a pattern, the human psyche is no different from this. The psyche, or “I” or “self” or “ego” or whatever one may wish to call it, has derived from a series of events and experiences; and, those events and experiences coagulates into a ‘self-perceived’ entity. In actuality, this ‘self-perceived’ entity is nonexistent, call it a “ghost” if you will. It doesn’t exist because it is of the past, it is the past, therefore it can never truly be “present.” The fact of the matter is that over time, the human psyche is developed through experiential knowledge which stems out of events that occur to the body-brain organism, and this knowledge, just like rhythm, repeats itself in the present to retain its continuity, the continuation of whichever pattern(s) it has acquired for itself from such past experiences. Which, to me, is a rather “ghost-like” activity.

Within the human mind there is sound, nothing but sound that generates all kinds of images and animations. This sound is Thought, various modes of perception (which is expressed by Thought.) Understanding this totally and actually, one can have clarity or in’sight into the Truth of ones own phantasmagorical presence, this everlasting fluctuating presence that is Rhythm. Thus, there is truly no point to strive for some “permanent” state of anything, no matter if it’s happiness, bliss, sexual pleasure, or whatever. Just like the Universe, everything works in cycles, patterns. Impermanence is the foundation of Everything. 

There is no separating yourself from any part of nature’s functioning. Our very bodies here are used to supply and maintain nature’s very own continuity, unending expression.