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The term “philosophy” means “the love of wisdom.” Therefore, all philosophies are merely an intellectual affection ‘of’ wisdom, it is not the actual application of it. Knowing and truly understanding this, one will not fool oneself into the game of philosophy, for all philosophy is romanticism, a play of words, done cleverly in an eloquent fashion.

Such a thing is ultimately unnecessary and quite asinine to be honest. Why have a “philosophy” about something when words can never truly convey that actual something, which is the fact? Furthermore, the word “love” is an action word. Knowing and fully understanding this, one can grasp the true implication of that term and not be deluded by the many who misuse it. There can never be a “love of” something, because there is only Love. 

Love is a constant wholistic action that is totally free from the petty realm of human thought and intellect, it’s a whole entire different dimension which encompasses the All that is Nothing, it is the operation of Totality. Unlike this world of intellectuals and philosophers, the author understands that the aforementioned is not the actuality that he is ‘pointing’ to. Direct experience will always triumph over descriptions and word formations.