Jewel 26


Faith and hope are always and can only be based in fear… Trust, however, can only stem from and be based in Love.

If one were walking on a narrow beam high above the ground, the one will have faith or hope if he fears falling. Conversely, if one loves heights and treading along narrow platforms that are situated way above the ground, the one will walk the beam with Trust, for love is there within him.

Trust is born out of Love and is inseparable from it. Faith, hope, and belief are all born out of fear, invariably.

Jewel 25


There’s a battle of knowledge held within the mind. This battle is only conducted by Thought. Thought is the knowledge…

It is only ideas that conflict with one another that creates turmoil and friction within ones own mind. This very same turmoil and friction is tension on the brain. Tension impedes on the brain’s processing power and energetic fluidity. 

In our daily lives our brains are often in agitation. Again, agitation is also friction in the mind, which impedes the energy of the brain assuredly.

Jewel 24


Some say Thought is the enemy… I say it is the clumsiness of the human psyche’s selectivity that is our primary ‘problem’. 

Because each and every movement the psyche (which is Thought) takes it is always following its preexisting condition or state.

Ex. One is disillusioned from his religion. Subsequently he finds another doctrine to adhere to, blindly. 

The asininity of the psyche’s selectivity. Always taking different forms while still trapped in the same pattern.

Jewel 23


The mind is supposed to be indefatigable, yet, we humans exhaust it with our frivolous thinking and petty self-induced problems… 

Why tire the brain out so needlessly? Why continuously waste precious energy on arguing, bickering, and worrying? The brain wants order, but instead we inadvertently breed chaos into it―furthering our individual and collective disarray. This must end.

Our brains, minds, reestablishes order while we sleep. This is why we all love sleep so much, because there is no redundant chaos. Furthermore, our brains or our minds also reestablish order and harmony throughout the day. However, it is done periodically, in different intervals of the day. Some sort of mutation must occur in the human brain that will enable the human to maintain order and clarity in the midst of daily chaos. The only time sleep is chaotic is when the brain generates dreams that reflect ones daily struggles and problems but in a symbolic fashion. This happens when one is in a state of ongoing inward disorder, having too many psychological and daily problems or issues.

Jewel 22


We are Rhythm…

Rhythm is a series of instances or events that reoccur over time to create a pattern, the human psyche is no different from this. The psyche, or “I” or “self” or “ego” or whatever one may wish to call it, has derived from a series of events and experiences; and, those events and experiences coagulates into a ‘self-perceived’ entity. In actuality, this ‘self-perceived’ entity is nonexistent, call it a “ghost” if you will. It doesn’t exist because it is of the past, it is the past, therefore it can never truly be “present.” The fact of the matter is that over time, the human psyche is developed through experiential knowledge which stems out of events that occur to the body-brain organism, and this knowledge, just like rhythm, repeats itself in the present to retain its continuity, the continuation of whichever pattern(s) it has acquired for itself from such past experiences. Which, to me, is a rather “ghost-like” activity.

Within the human mind there is sound, nothing but sound that generates all kinds of images and animations. This sound is Thought, various modes of perception (which is expressed by Thought.) Understanding this totally and actually, one can have clarity or in’sight into the Truth of ones own phantasmagorical presence, this everlasting fluctuating presence that is Rhythm. Thus, there is truly no point to strive for some “permanent” state of anything, no matter if it’s happiness, bliss, sexual pleasure, or whatever. Just like the Universe, everything works in cycles, patterns. Impermanence is the foundation of Everything. 

There is no separating yourself from any part of nature’s functioning. Our very bodies here are used to supply and maintain nature’s very own continuity, unending expression.

Jewel 21


Many fail to understand the acts of awareness, which are:

– Focus
– Attention
– Inattention

Focus = a beam
Attention = a gentle light; a luster
Inattention = darkness; dimness

– With focus you build a wall around perception, this is limitation.
– With attention you leave space for perception, this is vast, expanded.
– With inattention you are fragmented, partial, which causes you to cut direct perception off altogether, for it is a filter; similar to focus.

Jewel 20


The term “philosophy” means “the love of wisdom.” Therefore, all philosophies are merely an intellectual affection ‘of’ wisdom, it is not the actual application of it. Knowing and truly understanding this, one will not fool oneself into the game of philosophy, for all philosophy is romanticism, a play of words, done cleverly in an eloquent fashion.

Such a thing is ultimately unnecessary and quite asinine to be honest. Why have a “philosophy” about something when words can never truly convey that actual something, which is the fact? Furthermore, the word “love” is an action word. Knowing and fully understanding this, one can grasp the true implication of that term and not be deluded by the many who misuse it. There can never be a “love of” something, because there is only Love. 

Love is a constant wholistic action that is totally free from the petty realm of human thought and intellect, it’s a whole entire different dimension which encompasses the All that is Nothing, it is the operation of Totality. Unlike this world of intellectuals and philosophers, the author understands that the aforementioned is not the actuality that he is ‘pointing’ to. Direct experience will always triumph over descriptions and word formations.