Jewel 12


Seeing is meditation…

Not in an ocular sense, but through the act of perception or awareness. This seeing leaves no room for conflict. And when one sees this clearly, by means of direct perception, which is awareness with no conflicting thought, one gains inexplicable clarity.

Conflict can only arise through inattention. When we observe something, initially as we observe there is no observer, just observation. However, a split second later the observer manifests in the observation and says, “I am observing,” now there is conflict. There is conflict because now it is the observer and the observed, hence, “I am observing.” This is where all our conflict emanates.

With total attention, which is sheer observation that is absent of an observer and the observed, there can be no conflict. Inattention happens when we slip out of sole attention or observation when the ‘I’ or observer manifests.

This is what we must watch.

Jewel 11


Nagarjuna with Serpents Hovering Over His Head


Snakes often symbolize immaculate wisdom and knowledge in various spiritual systems and traditions. Thus, whenever you see a snake in any depiction of a Buddha, monk, priest, or god, know that it refers to the depicted character’s wisdom and mastery.

Jewel 10


If you are oft ensnared by the incessant and fickle activity of the mind, just watch it continuously—unceasingly. Doing so will desensitize you to ‘your’ irritable and undesired thoughts. Consequently, you’ll be impervious to and unmoved by all unpleasant mental activity.