Jewel 18


Intelligence is wisdom…

The very application of intelligence is the utilization of wisdom, which is true wholistic movement of the mind. Human beings, throughout time, have always been intellectual. Seldom a few or handful of humans are born with real intelligence, being fortunate enough to never have their minds tainted by the fallacies of society and the ‘hypnotic’ programming of the world at large. 

If one is questioning why the author has made a distinction between intelligence and the intellect, we will explore into how there truly is a distinction between both momentarily. Intellect is not intelligence, for the intellect is a by-product of ones conditioning; what is conditioned is dull and limited, for it is blindly or heavily involved in a particular pattern of thought, of ‘seeing’ things. Intelligence, on the other hand, is the usage of the entire brain, both hemispheres. It is not limited for it instantly adapts and rectifies itself according to ‘what is’. The intellect however, cannot rectify itself according to ‘what is,’ due to the fact that like mentioned earlier, it is blindly involved or stuck in a particular pattern, a certain way of ‘viewing’ and doing things.

For this reason, the overwhelming majority of human beings are intellectual, not intelligent. Merely a very few people have the mental energy to shatter and abruptly break out of their conditioning, their conditioning which makes them into trivial and petty little organisms, always believing themselves as to being “right” because of what they’ve been told by others or from what they’ve read.