Jewel 13


Chess is a game of awareness, not thinking.

One must observe his opponent as he utilizes his pieces diligently. Attention is key. Attention is key for it doesn’t require concentrative thought. Concentration builds a wall around perception, beaming it to a single point. During a game of Chess, in lieu of contemplating, simply remain attentive to the board and every pieces’ position. Thinking too much will deteriorate your clarity. It’s war, not a cooking preparation. In battle one must act instantly, instinctively. Similar to when one is faced with immediate danger―a snake for instance, the individual will act instantly. He will not contemplate acting.

Knowledge can be instinctual, for it is memory, and all of our reflexes are a result of the past human experiences that’s stored in our DNA. Thus, when playing Chess, one should never analyze―only observe and act accordingly, for appropriate knowledge will ignite when need be. This does not only pertain to Chess… it applies to everything in Life.