Jewel 9


The formation of consciousness is due to its content…

Commonly it is believed that consciousness has ‘no form,’ albeit this is so, but it is only to a certain extent. Without any content, such as: the world, creatures, events, and etc., there could be no consciousness. The existence of multifarious things is inextricable to consciousness. Consciousness in itself is the formation which holds and crafts all forms, whether perceptible and tangible manifestations or imperceptible actualities. That which is imperceptible can be made manifest, similar to a vague idea in the mind. At first the idea is scrambled, unclear, and over time it develops, solidifying into a more ‘condense’ idea that has a foundation, a “system” if you will. This foundation or system that structures the solidity of the idea is what enables one to perceive it in a more palpable sense, thereby allowing the one to carry out this newly formed idea, actualizing it into his or her experience.