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Wise mystics ‘speaking in tongues’ is an act of unconscious incantation…

Church-goers catching ‘the holy ghost’ is the ramification of overwhelming energy surging through the body. Most “saints” of today’s Christianity fabricate capturing the holy ghost and ‘speaking in tongues.’ This is done for pretentious reasons. However, true mystics who abide to certain spiritual systems or practices actually do speak in tongues when engaged with higher vibrations. I believe that ‘speaking in tongues’ is a play of higher vibrations channeling through ones body. This is why it appears to be nonsense. It’s like a frantic array of nonsensical utterances but in truth the sounds produced are mere vibrations. No “real” words are required. We must remember that in the higher realms language is not pertinent, let alone “spoken.” All communication is done telepathically. Telepathic communication is instantaneous, no need for the utilization of arranged sounds such as “words.”

Speaking in tongues can be likened to when you sweep through frequencies on a radio, dialing or tuning through stations results in “static” and white noise. Indeed you hear sounds and an ambiguation of varying frequencies, yet, you cannot truly differentiate what is being said or heard.