Jewel 9


The formation of consciousness is due to its content…

Commonly it is believed that consciousness has ‘no form,’ albeit this is so, but it is only to a certain extent. Without any content, such as: the world, creatures, events, and etc., there could be no consciousness. The existence of multifarious things is inextricable to consciousness. Consciousness in itself is the formation which holds and crafts all forms, whether perceptible and tangible manifestations or imperceptible actualities. That which is imperceptible can be made manifest, similar to a vague idea in the mind. At first the idea is scrambled, unclear, and over time it develops, solidifying into a more ‘condense’ idea that has a foundation, a “system” if you will. This foundation or system that structures the solidity of the idea is what enables one to perceive it in a more palpable sense, thereby allowing the one to carry out this newly formed idea, actualizing it into his or her experience.

Jewel 7


Nothing can never not exist, for there is no polarity of existence. When something or someone ends it still exists in another’s memory. And when forgotten it still exists because memory can sum it up again.

Nonexistence is but a notion within an existing human mind.

Jewel 5


Real meditation is merely the awareness of the whole entire content of consciousness, seeing all psychological movement in a unitary fashion.

All the various forms of ‘meditation’ that you’re so familiar with are not mediation; they are a means of escape and self-enchantment. Real meditation consists of attending to all dynamics of life wholly, unbiasedly. Not viewing things fragmentarily, which produces conflict within oneself. When you become aware of a problem, particularly a psychological problem, such as jealousy or cowardice, attention is directed to it totally, but, a few milliseconds later this total attention is diverted by your preconceptions and prejudices about your jealousy and cowardice. Thus, in this diversion of total attention from the psychological problem you sustain the problem by seeking for solutions to resolve it.

Instead of saying, “I must get rid of this problem” or “I mustn’t be this way”, give it total attention just as you did initially. And, remain in that total attention. Do not dissipate it with your overly creative thinking, which is none other than the source of your problem in the first place; for it is only thought that produces jealousy, cowardice, and any other sort of noetic anomaly. Apply total attention to the psychological problem, see that when you do so, in that very attention you are free from the problem completely, in that moment.

Simply remember to attend to everything internally as well as externally. Attention or ‘seeing’ is action that brings about great clarity.

Jewel 4


It is not difficult to be aware of yourself, and all of your various qualities and idiosyncrasies.

Just live life intimately, slowly…

The truth of your’self’ flowers in the waking of your awareness, not some damn measly theory or concept about a “Higher Self” and so forth.

Jewel 3


Heaven is an illusion for a deluded soul to dwell in for eternity. The astral, the 4th and 5th dimensions, hell and all other immaterial existing planes are self-created prisons for the believer of such. Cut away at your beliefs, propel directly to the source of All that Is, which is yourSelf… the Unmitigated Awareness that remains through all phenomenal experiences.