Greetings visitor, if you were exposed to or stumbled upon this site last year you may be aware of the many promises that I have made in regard to releasing content on this website. I do apologize sincerely for the long delay and negligence towards this site, which was originally named Blacklight Publications.

At the very beginning of this year I was overwhelmed by various events that averted my attention away from this site. I suffered from an upper respiratory infection (which is still lingering within me but it isn’t as bad and painful as it was upon its initial manifestation) in January which hindered me from starting any of my literary work. However, now I am back and in better health and I’ve returned with an extremely special gift, an actual book! In the last month I have compiled and formatted many of ‘my’ deepest and utmost profound thoughts, realizations, and inquisitive ramblings all into a pocket sized manuscript. There aren’t any copies available yet, but I will announce their availability after I get the book printed and manufactured. The book is entitled “In’Sight”, so be on the lookout! There will only be 20 copies made in total, so if you are interested in reserving and purchasing a copy, please email me your name and address or Direct Message me on twitter.

Email: rakimkhalid@yahoo.com

Twitter: @TheMarkOfBuddha

I love and appreciate all of you who resonate with the frequency of my thought patterns. Peace and guidance.